NVIDIA GE Force 4 MX440 Video out

  Redferick 16:15 09 Jul 2003

My computer system is an XP Professional.
The graphics card is a Nividia GE Force 4 MX 440.
it has an S Video out socket.I want to feed, from the PC, a composite video signal to a VCR. I have fitted an S Video to composite converter, but I get no signal from it.
Do I need to enable it, if so how?

Please can any help this is giving me a headache

  y_not 18:54 09 Jul 2003

Unless there have been some recent changes I think you might have a problem with the configuration.

Using an S-video adapter caused me many, many hours of headaches - I found out (eventually) that the output signal is b/w - not colour!

With regard to your original question I'm afraid that I can't answer it - at least it brings the posting back to the top!

Good luck


  Redferick 16:19 10 Jul 2003

Thank you Tony,
Just been through the MX440 programs . How does one configure this, connot find configure or any reference to this on my computer.

  davidg_richmond 16:27 10 Jul 2003

If I remember right there is a setting on most televisions that have composite that allow you to specify RGB or S-Video. If you can find this setting, toggle it and see if this works. It's trying to interpret the wrong kind of signal, which is why the picture is black and white.

To work on my TV i had to plug in the S-Video to TV and card, then disconnect my PC monitor.

Restart, and it should appear on the TV.

Be warned you can't dual out put it(display on TV and PC monitor at the same time) and also the picture quality is very bright.....

make sure you use AV, that way it tunes in automatically!

  Redferick 21:22 10 Jul 2003

Hello Davidg and Pilch,

Many thanks for your suggestions.
Disconnecting the Monitor works ok but only get a B/W picture.
Will have to work on that one. But thanks for the breakthrough. I'll have to get another headach.

Best wishes,

  davidg_richmond 23:01 10 Jul 2003

click here

Looks as though you may need to stick with s-video and get a scart adapter.

I have a PNY GeForce MX440 with TV-Out, and works fine with the phono adapter. I have my television set with 'RGB Scart' as off (as even though it is an RGB cable the signal is s-video, or something like that). Problem: most video recorders do not seem to have this option. I recommend getting the scart adapter (we do them at Dixons for about £11, JVC gold plated). There is also a Belkin PC-TV pack with S-video to S-video, scart adapter and audio cables from the line out into the scart adapter for £26 (all gold-plated for a better signal).

  Redferick 16:28 11 Jul 2003

I must thankyou for all the trouble you are going on my behalf.
I shall try the methods you suggested and let you know the result.
Keep your eye on this space.

  rawprawn 16:35 11 Jul 2003

I don't know if this is relevant, but when I updated this morning there is a new driver update for nvidia. It might be worth a look.

  Redferick 15:57 20 Jul 2003

I must thank you all for your valuable help.
The suggestions have been most helpful.

Unfortunately I was a bit careless and 'blew-up' the graphics card, (expensive mistake !)
Have managed to get a new one, with both 'S' and Composite Video out, NVIDIA TNT2 M64. Now have to get a driver compatible with the XP PROFESSIONAL.

If any of you are interested, keep your eyes on this space.

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