Nvidia error message computer restarts

  barside 08:47 02 Jul 2007

On starting up and trying to go into any program the computer restarts. No 'blue screen' message appears. However on one occasion I managed to send error details and it took me to a link saying that had something to do with graphics card and there is no patch. There were two links one to microsoft and another to Nvidia. When I click them it restarted.

  recap 09:39 02 Jul 2007

This could be a virus or trojan. Boot in to safe mode and run both on your system doing a deep scan of both your antivirus and malware programs.

  [email protected] 10:02 02 Jul 2007

also check that all power leads are still in good contact with the graphics card, and try reseating it.

  barside 20:56 03 Jul 2007

In safe mode tried the deep scan - windows onelive security. Didnt find anything but for that evening computer worked OK. Tonight it failed again - same problem. If it runs in safe mode am I correct in assuming it's a software problem not hardware? Any other ideas? Not too good with the insides of the machine but will have ago at admans suggestion. Thanks for your help

  citadel 22:35 03 Jul 2007

try the latest certified driver for your card from nvidea. look at the installation hints at the nvidea site.

  barside 22:21 04 Jul 2007

Citadel thanks for the advice. I downloaded their beta driver v162.15 as my driver seemed upto date anyway. This has worked however then went back to the nvidia website and they seem to have withdrawn the driver? Not sure what to do now. Leave til it goes wrong again?

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