nvidia drivers

  pat2068 00:34 14 Oct 2003

could anyone tell me how to inatall the drivers after i download them win xp home thanks mary

  [DELETED] 00:40 14 Oct 2003

The way I do it is to simply install the driver over the old one. I've never had any problems with this.

The right method is to unistall your old drivers first via 'Add/Remove programs'. Look for nVidia display driver. Your PC will reboot and upon startup, windows will default to a basic video driver (Your screen will look wierd becuase of low resolution and colour). Then you simply install the new driver. It will reboot again, and upon restart the desktop will be at a low resolution but you can change these settings via desktop properties.

  pat2068 15:05 14 Oct 2003


  [DELETED] 15:31 14 Oct 2003

Why bump?

The answer is there in soy's post!

  [DELETED] 15:49 14 Oct 2003

I hear nvidia are on the point of releasing version 50 of their Detonator driver.
It might be worth waiting a few days until this comes out.
However, there seems to be much debate over how good the newer driver really is. I wonder what the experts on the forum think about this.
also, how much pint there is updating if not using DirectX 9b?

  pat2068 16:04 14 Oct 2003

the problem is when i go into nview all the boxex are grayed out and i dont know if it is inatalled corectely i have never installed drivers before amd dont know what do or if i need to do anything thanks mary

  [DELETED] 16:14 14 Oct 2003

You might have to unzip them to a folder eg. nvidia 41.09 then go to that folder and click on setup and you are away for slates. Uninstall the old ones first. Just note that the latest drivers disable your DVD Rom when playing Copy Protected DVD's if you have TV out from your graphics card enabled.

  [DELETED] 22:32 15 Oct 2003

Does this mean I will not be able to play my DVDs via the TV if I update the driver :
I use SVHS to connect computer and TV ?
Do you know the reason why nVidia have done this?

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