nvidia driver and W7

  iqs 18:04 15 Apr 2010


Posted a thread regarding the issues of downloading the latest driver for my 8800GT.But now have another prob..

I un-installed the driver via device manager,rebooted PC,and W7 installed the driver that was downloaded when I first installed W7

Un-installed again,didn't reboot clicked on the new driver to start the install.A window popped up stating Windows could not locate a driver?

I have used device manager to update the driver,but it stated it could not locate a newer update.

Very strange.Any ideas please

  rdave13 18:09 15 Apr 2010

I usually remove the driver via programs and features after downloading the latest to desktop. (click here ), reboot and install the latest drivers.

  iqs 20:04 15 Apr 2010


Tried that, it automatically installs the windows downloaded driver,cheers

  iqs 20:23 15 Apr 2010

Right,a bit for detail,this is getting rather annoying now...

When the driver is un-installed via add/remove,it asks for the PC to rebooted etc etc.

When W7 starts,the install wizard (sys tray) states the driver is being installed before you have time to click on any icon to stop it.

I un-installed again via device manager,didn't reboot,clicked on the driver I downloaded again.

The same message appeared,a compatible driver could not be found.But it is......

Any other advice please,please,please

  citadel 20:39 15 Apr 2010

you can use driver cleaner to get rid of all traces, then download driver, save to desktop, double click it to install.

  iqs 20:42 15 Apr 2010

Will download driver cleaner,but why would W7 state the driver was not compatible ?


  Samala 12:11 16 Apr 2010

look for special drivers for w7

  iqs 18:11 16 Apr 2010

Hi Samala,

I have selected the drivers for W7 32 bit,its the right one,but according to W7 its not.

  kdt 09:23 17 Apr 2010

for my dell vostro 64 bit w7 pro 6gb RAM I just go to nvidia & let it check my drivers & install. Think it removes old ones.

  iqs 14:33 17 Apr 2010

Downloaded the driver again,but didn't un-install the original driver,just started the install for the new driver,and all went well.
Cheers all

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