nvidia driver problem?

  dooplex 17:27 16 Mar 2010

have Dell device running Vista with an nvidia 8800 GTX video card. After having upgraded iPlayer software I noticed that the pc was booting up very slowly - having watched a couple of programmes one night on iplayer, the next day the pc decided not to boot up at all so when I had the option of booting up in safe mode I did. After trying a few options, I disabled the graphics driver and uninstalled the iplayer update. I re-booted and this enabled me to enter my account without any issues. I have red lines from top to bottom on the screen and are especially visble on darker backgrounds. On a white background for some reason they do not appear. I have downloaded the latest nvidia driver however to try if that works however I am not quite sure into which folder I need to extract the files to? Also, has anyone encountered this problem before and could it be something else? I had not installed any new software for a few weeks prior to the problem starting.
Thanks in advance for your help.

  rawprawn 17:57 16 Mar 2010

You should be able to extract the drivers to C: then go to device manager, and right click on Display Adapters, and select Update Drivers, then point it to where you have extracted the drivers to.

  rawprawn 17:59 16 Mar 2010

Did you try a System Restore to before you upgraded IPlayer?

  dooplex 18:12 16 Mar 2010

Hi, I had tried system restore but it didn't seem to go back to a state prior to the iplayer upgrade. I used revo uninstaller to remove the player upgrade. I'll try the driver extraction as you have described and come back - thanks

  rawprawn 18:30 16 Mar 2010

I have to go out just now, but I will look back again in the morning.
Good luck!

  dooplex 21:58 16 Mar 2010

Installed updated drivers again but went back to same original problem on bootup. Also get blue screen ~(which also also happened previously, sorry forgot to mention) before getting Windows error recovery programme which disables the graphics driver. Any ideas?

  john bunyan 22:07 16 Mar 2010

Have you read this?
click here

Hope you did not install the "rouge" drivers that were quickly cancelled but seem to have interfered with the cooling fan.

  gazzaho 13:28 17 Mar 2010

I use the auto find drivers on NVIDIA's site, it's option 2 on this page click here when checking for new drivers, perhaps you could do the same in order to check you are using the correct ones.

Hopefully you haven't burned your card out with the driver mentioned by john bunyon. Funnily enough I read on another forum a week or so ago that a new driver was released but never downloaded it straight away, then when I checked a day or so after reading about it, it said my driver was up to date (Driver 196.21) they must have removed it before I got to it, being late for once may have saved me some trouble lol.

Hope you get it sorted.

  dooplex 15:30 17 Mar 2010

Thanks John and gazzaho - checked and have installed correct 196.21 drivers - have tried rolling back to previous drivers but same problems occur. Going to try a memtest this evening in case some of the video memory has corrupted and try and get a good view of the blue screen error that flashes up!

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