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  bluenet 14:11 12 Sep 2005

Hello. My computer started restarting itself over and over again recently. Its also been loading up with an error message saying "the system has recovered from a serious error". I sent of the error report which said theres a problem with my nvidia graphics driver. So i went to the nvidia website and downloaded an update for the driver and installed it. However now my computer screen goes black periodically and then comes back on again, also parts of the screen get scrambled. I tried going back to an older version of the nvidia driver but now its started restarting itself over and over again. Any suggestions?

Nvidia Geforce4 MX420 and XP Home edition.

Error code from error report: BCCode:100000ea BCP1:8318D900 BCP2:83909538 BCP3:F7B59CB4 BCP4:00000001 OSver: 5_1_2600 SP:2_0 Product:768_1

Any help appreciated.

  PA28 14:20 12 Sep 2005

Latest Geoforce driver is 78.01. I had plenty of problems with 77.77, which is unusual for Nvidia drivers. Try removing all your old ones and installiung the latest.

  PA28 14:21 12 Sep 2005

Also make sure that your graphics card is secure in its' slot - ditto the cables. Does Device Manager throw up any oddities?

  bluenet 14:26 12 Sep 2005

Device Manager doesn't throw up any oddities that i can tell of. I'm going to try the 78.01 driver and ill check the cables.

  bluenet 14:57 12 Sep 2005

I checked the cables everything appears fine there. I installed the 78.01 driver but sadly the screen still keeps going black and going all scrambly.

  Baslla321 15:54 12 Sep 2005

Re Nvidia driver 78.01 Invidia says that Forceware 78.01 adds support for GeForce 6500 ONLy. There are no additional driver updates in 78.01 since 77.77'. So, I presume that if I do not have 6500 there is no need to instal 78.01.

  PA28 14:06 16 Sep 2005

Check your memory is firmly located in their slots (if you have more than one module and can run singly, try with one removed). Also check that your power lead is firmly connected (pull it out and insert again) - I can remember a machine I had some time ago that displayed this serious error bit and it was down to a power lead malfunctioning spasmodicly.

  bluenet 00:19 17 Sep 2005

Nothing i did seemed to work or make the problem better so i just decided to buy a new graphics card, a Nvidia Geforce4 MX420 for 25 quid from dabs. Its been installed in my computer for a couple of days now and all the problems have gone so it must have been that my graphics card was broken.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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