Nvidia display software update

  Baslla321 15:20 12 Nov 2003

My XP Windows Update recommends Nvidia display software update released July 28, 2003. I have Display - video card Nvidia GeForce FX5200 Ver 6.14.001 24April03. If I am not mistaken, some days or weeks ago there was a thread which said that a similar update caused him havoc on his computer. Can anyone remember or confirm this please?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:29 12 Nov 2003

As long as you uninstall old drivers first should be ok there was a thread but cant remember title of it,but there are forceware drivers out now witch people say are ok.


  pcwhizz 15:39 12 Nov 2003


  Baslla321 16:02 12 Nov 2003

I think that I will leave well alone. I went on the Nvidia website and could not find an update dated July 28, 2003 for FX5200. Thanks Rgds

  tes 16:13 12 Nov 2003

I installed this update today result was I lost all control over the audio. Thank goodness for system restore

  Limehouse 16:31 12 Nov 2003

I think the only difference is the one suggested by MS is certified and the other isn't. I would stick with what you have if its working fine.

  nhojnhoj 17:01 12 Nov 2003

i updated mine with this without any problems although it did change my resolution setting.
i changed it back and its been fine.
difficult to see exactly what use it was though?!

  rev.bem 18:47 12 Nov 2003

Latest driver is here

click here

Ihave it installed yet windows update is still offering me the july update.

  Baslla321 10:17 13 Nov 2003

Was your display Geforce FX 5200? This latest driver says that it supports Geforce5700; FX5700 Ultra and Geforce FX 5950 but no mention of FX5200. Did you overwrite your previous driver or did u uninstall it first? thanks

  DieSse 10:56 13 Nov 2003

The new driver supports all nvidia cards - it mentions these new cards, as support for them is included for the first time.

  Amry 12:15 13 Nov 2003

Strangely, the driver worked fine for me. But whenever I right-click the nvidia icon on the system tray (to rotate my screen, for example), it just feezes for 10 seconds, and then resumes back to normal. Any suggestions why this happens?

Oh yeah, and I use WinXP + SP1

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