NVidia Control Panel - Lost 3D Settings

  FCD 18:25 08 Dec 2006

I am using NVidia drivers 93.71. When I first installed them, the new control panel showed 3 "Application Modules" - Display; Video and TV; and 3D Settings. The latter was most useful as it allowed me to change the performance settings for individual programmes.

I have just had to re-install XP - with no change in hardware - yet when I install the 93.71 drivers I have lost the "3D settings" module and only see the other two.

I have tried all possible options in the control panel set up with no change so very grateful for any help on where to look next!

Many thanks

  freaky 19:15 08 Dec 2006

This is a 'shot in the dark suggestion' - as you had to re-install XP you may have an old version of Direct X that is not compatible with NVidia drivers 93.71.

  CKT 19:25 08 Dec 2006

Thanks - I tried that and even with DX 9c I have the same problem. Very odd!

It is almost as though,in this installation, ny 6800 card is not being recognised as a 3d card.

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