Nvidia Card Stops Responding Problem

  Phoenix40 18:27 15 Nov 2013

Hello i have a windows Vista desktop computer. For quite a while even when i update my Nvidia 8400GS video card drivers i get this message when my computer stops or crashes where it says Nvidia Card Stops Responding; then after a while it might start again. Sometimes the whole screen crashes. I sometimes rollback the drivers then reinstall the latest one again it sometimes works but then it starts up again. Is there anything that is causing this or is it just the age of my computer? Ive had it for about 6 years hope this helps and someone can give me an idea what is causing it or i just have to put up with it thanks for any ideas.

  rdave13 18:57 15 Nov 2013

I'd try the oldest driver here, it should be the 2012 310.70 driver. Check the OS in the search field. Change Windows update to "notify of updates but let me download and install". This is to prevent Windows automatically updating the drivers again. See if the card works better.

  BRYNIT 19:09 15 Nov 2013

I've had the same intermittent problem over the past week and suspect the latest Nvidia drivers I installed on the 7/11/13. As the new drivers do not really improve anything I will when I get around to it revert back to the older driver.

  rdave13 19:24 15 Nov 2013

BRYNIT , the new driver 331.65 cured a problem for me. I used to get a black screen for 3 seconds when changing from normal video to HD and when changing back. The older driver(310.70) didn't show this problem. Today my card recovered from a crash but only once so will just monitor how it goes with this update.

  Phoenix40 17:54 16 Nov 2013

Hello thank you for your replies, It seems to happen each time i update the drivers but is there a chance that other things can effect the graphic card like the Java one downloads? Sometime the screen freezes and wont start unless i close the computer down completely and reboot. I even wonder if certain software or graphics or the internet can affect the graphics card. It does seem to happen when im on the internet or playing games that it might happen. I ll try and go back to an earlier driver and see what happens thanks for your help.

  Phoenix40 18:33 16 Nov 2013

Hello when you install new graphic card drivers should you roll back the last drivers to your original graphic card settings or is it alright to overide the previous drivers with the latest updates? Just wonder what you might do thanks.

  rdave13 19:09 16 Nov 2013

I just installed the driver 'over the top' when I used an older driver.

  Phoenix40 01:42 18 Nov 2013

Hello just two other things about installing drivers. If you think theres a fault with the latest drivers youve installed is it alright to install over the same driver again? And not rollback to your previous drivers first. Finally if you are disatisfied with your latest drivers is it alright to reinstall an older version straight over a recent one. Im just curious to know the right way of doing these things without corrupting the graphic card thanks for any advice.

  retep888™ 02:03 18 Nov 2013

You can roll back to the previous version or uninstall the gx card driver thru' Add/Remove or use CCleaner, if the older version works then leave it like that.

(1).Test your video card using Microsoft's Directx Diagnostic Tool, click on the "Start" menu and type "dxdiag" into the search box to launch the tool, How to Test a Video Graphics Card

(2).Download and install a free copy of ozone3d's FurMark utility so that you can see how well the card performs under stress and at what stable levels you can operate the card.

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