Nvidia 7600GT vertical Bars and problems

  Photographica1 19:41 29 Mar 2007

Hi I have just put the above card in my machine and I keep getting problems. When I boot up, I get to where I should normally see the windows desktop and I am presented with a screen full of vertiacl coloured lines,,,
I cannot restart my PC as I cannot see anything so I have to physically Switch off and back on. I did this several times and eventually the PC was OK, I was playing FIFA 07 and suddenly the PC stopped and crashed.
I have reverted back to my Nvidia 6600 and no probs. The 7600 card is new. Is this a faulty card or insufficient power supply.

I have P4 (478) 3.0 GHz
2 x DVD writers
1 Gig Ram
4 Hard Drives
TV card
Audigy card
550 watt power supply

Please help, its reaaly annoying now.

  Totally-braindead 19:44 29 Mar 2007

I had the same sort of thing and in my case it turned out the card was actually faulty. This might not be the case with you but with me I remember the vertical lines you describe.
Try starting it safe mode and see if it ok.

  [email protected] 20:08 29 Mar 2007

the psu should be ample IMHO, i ran the same card on a 350 watt psu and it fire up fine just crashed under load, so im guessing the card, is it pci express? is the 4 pin power cable plugged in?

  Kate B 20:11 29 Mar 2007

Tried updating the drivers?

  Photographica1 20:30 29 Mar 2007

The drivers are the latest, the card is AGP and has a wierd connect which seems to require 2 4 pin power plugs - heavy juice??

  Photographica1 20:31 29 Mar 2007

Sorry that wasn't very clear, it requires two separate 4 pin power plugs from the PSU!!

  Photographica1 18:04 30 Mar 2007

Hi all, further info, took the card back to the supplier, they stuck it in their test PC and it worked fine, so they say....

They said it still might be my "low quality 550w power supply". as the 55ow is peak power not continuous??

I am now the owner of a new high quality modular power suppliy 700w with stabilised current.
My question now is, is the funny connector on my AGP card the same thing as my power supply calls a SLI power supply? It looks the same, the card comes with a splitter which goes into the card providing input for two molex connectors.

  [email protected] 19:59 30 Mar 2007

sli is when you link 2 cards together, you dont need that, 550 watt to run a 7600gt should be ample, im running 8800 gts with 3 drives, amd 65 watt cpu and a rather greedy cooler on a 530 watt, i had a 7600 gt that ran on a 300 watt for a while, you need 1 connection (of that sli is for 2 cards, good luck

  Photographica1 20:32 30 Mar 2007

My graphics card has two molex ports for two power connections, is this normal, my last card only had one, do they both need connecting?

  jam500 06:21 31 Mar 2007

The connectors from your power supply for the sli cards should be differant from the ones you need, As you said you need 2 molex connectors, I too have 2 molex connectors to my card so yes if the card is hungry for power than 2 is the norm and if you havent connected them then this would be your problem.

  Photographica1 10:47 01 Apr 2007

Hi all, problem solved, the fitting on the card is compatible with the output from the power supply, the addaptor is for when your power supply does not have that connector. Thanks for all your help everyone.

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