Nvidia 6800 wont run Battlefield 2 :O

  Rickyv 19:36 29 Sep 2005

Ive got a leadtek nvidia 6800 agp graphics card in my amd athlon 64 3000+, 768mb pc3200 ram, sb audigy zs, 80gb sata hard drive etc. So it should easily run battlefield 2. Until recently it would run battlefield 2 fine without any lag on medium-high settings. Since i re-installed windows xp and formatted my hard drive the other day i can now only run battlefield 2 on low settings. If i go any higher i get consistent unplayable lag. Though if i move the settings down to low now, i dont get any lag at all. Ive downloaded the latest nvidia drivers yet it still wont let me play above low settings. Please help, thank you

  Chegs ® 19:53 29 Sep 2005

I only had the demo,but was able to run BF2 on an Ti4800,CPU2.2Ghz,1Gb RAM,so yours should be capable of it no bother.When you reinstalled XP,did you use your original mobo drivers for AGP(if it IS an AGP card,not Sli)or get updated version for your chipset?

  GaT7 19:55 29 Sep 2005

What does a DirectX diagnostics test say?

Start>Run, type dxdiag & press OK.

Click on the Display tab. All the 3 - DirectDraw, Direct3D & AGP Texture Acceleration - should be enabled: see click here.

To test DirectDraw & Direct3D, press their respective buttons. Do they pass the test? G

  Rickyv 19:57 29 Sep 2005

well i didnt get a drivers cd with my motherboard so i went onto the motherboards website (click here) but i couldnt actually see the agp drivers for my asus k8v se deluxe motherboard. can anyone else see where i can get these from?

  Totally-braindead 20:05 29 Sep 2005

click here the VIA 4 in 1 drivers are the ones which you should have installed

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