Nvidia 6600GT working at last!

  Ballie 16:08 12 Feb 2005

Some of you might have read my recent posts (Pulling my hair out) and (Still can't play 3D games) those of you that haven't basically my problem has been getting my computer to play 3D games without locking up, one day games would play the next they would lock up.

with a lot of help from guys on this forum (georgemac ©, JonnyTub, Totally-braindead) and many others I have now got my computer to play 3d games. After trying many things and buying a new psu, mother board etc, the problem was a faulty 6600 card or should I say a faulty chip.

The reason I am posting this is because I have now learnt that there are a lot of faulty Nvidia 6600 chips out there and anyone having the intermittent faults/problems that I have been having just take the card back to the shop and swap it out and save yourself a lot of time.

As I said I have now got a replacement BFG 6600GT and I am getting a 3D mark (03) score of 7999 which I belive is prety good.

  dagwoood 17:17 12 Feb 2005

I'm sorry that I didn't read your other threads, as I knew there were a LOT of people having problems with the 6600GT AGP cards, irrespective of what make they are.

If you have a look on the Nvidia forum ( click here )there are a lot of threads on there that are about people having problems with this card.

This thread is useful if you're having problems with it click here

Your advice, Ballie, is good. If you can't get your 6600GT AGP card to render using DirectX, you most probably have a duff card and it should be returned to your supplier(or you haven't connected your card up to the PSU :) ).


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