Nvidia 1060 on MSI MS7502 motherboard

  1933 11:01 29 May 2017

My Radeon HD6870 card has a very noisy fan and sometimes the pc will give a text display on the left monitor that is 'scrambled', the right screen is OK. After a reboot it is usually OK as long as I use Speedfan to keep the temp down. Does anyone have experience of fitting a Geforce 1060GTX graphics card to MSI MS 7502 motherboard. Many thanks Dave

  Archonar 17:29 29 May 2017

Fitting a gpu is a relatively simple job, just pull out the old one and slot the new one in. The only thing to check is that the card will fit within the pc - check the dimensions and measure the inside of your pc to make sure there is enough room

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