Nvidea geforce fx5200 - setting output to DVI

  Scooronimudge 23:09 17 Nov 2003

Recently purchased a new pc with the above graphics card (specifically because it has DVI output)

Have an LG1710B that has both 'standard' vga and DVI inputs.

Plan was to connect old pc to monitor via vga and new pc via DVI so that (with a spare mouse and keyboard) I could easily swap between the two PC's whilst setting the new one up (to give time to transfer files and settings etc)

Problem is I can't find where to set the new card to output via DVI. Basic manual shows a screen shot of a 'device setings' page where it is done but I've been through all of the menu/tab options and can't find it.

Any help would alleviate my present state of frustration (as I know it can be done but can't blooming well find out how)

Thanks in advance


  keenan 23:41 17 Nov 2003

Your 'graphics card' has 2 outputs connect the 'dvi'output to the 'dvi'input of the monitor using the supplied 'dvi' cable supplied - it should not be necessary to configure this as the output is already 'digital'.

  Scooronimudge 00:03 18 Nov 2003


Did exactly that (e.g DVI output from card to DVI input on monitor) but when pc was booted up got nothing on the screen (even after pressing 'source' selection button to switch between 2 input options)

Then conected standard vga type monitor cable and was able to get a display.

Therefore deduced that there was some 'setting' on the graphics card that was not correct. Hence the original post

Any other options that I can try



  keenan 00:44 18 Nov 2003

Just checked the setup on my LG 1810B and it reads
'preset DVi', double check on your' menu' setting
that its set to 'dvi' input.
load your monitor software to ensure the drivers are installed & do same for 'graphics 'card.
Also click/Start/control panel/Appearance & themes/Display/settings/advanced- this will give you options for checking and troubleshooting card & monitor.
signing off now but theres a link click here=
for info about your graphics card .

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