numerous clicks do not work

  romeohotel 20:26 07 Oct 2004

My problem started one morning when I attempted to print an email. Nothing happened. Since then I have a catalog of features that do not work. From the Start button the ‘Search’ and ‘Help and Support’ features do not work. From Programs. Accessories, System Tools – ‘Disk Cleanup’, ‘System Info’ and ‘System Restore’ do not work. As mentioned I cannot print from IE or OE, print preview just brings up a blank page. I can however print from Word. I have run so many anti virus and anti spyware programs I feel like Dr Who and James Bond rolled into one. Any suggestions welcome.

  stalion 20:28 07 Oct 2004

Operating system please?

  romeohotel 20:36 07 Oct 2004

Windows XP ( not SP2 yet)

  stalion 20:48 07 Oct 2004

do you have a full xp cd if so sounds like you need to do a repair

  romeohotel 20:54 07 Oct 2004

The OS was preinstalled by the manufacturer, so I do not have the full CD.

  castiel333 21:04 07 Oct 2004

Hi Romeohotel I agree with stallion coz my sister had exactly the same problem and had to use her recovery disc

  stalion 21:09 07 Oct 2004

you should have a cd to restore your computer back to the factory settings making it the same as the day you got it.But you will lose all your data unless you have backed it up

  romeohotel 11:19 08 Oct 2004

I do have cd to restore back to factory settings.
Having read the book I can see that as my hard drive is partioned (c & d) I can restore one or both. Would it be possible to back up my data from the c drive to the d drive which is currently empty?

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