Numerics on keyboard !!!

  peter4076 19:53 07 Dec 2003

Can anybody help me out there, the numeric side of my keyboard doe's not input no more, I know they are only a couple of £'s at the puta fairs, but I would like to have this problem fathomed out first. Once again all thoughts gratefully received & hopefully one cures it.

  [email protected]@m 19:57 07 Dec 2003

I take it the number lock key has not been pressed in error?

  beeuuem 19:58 07 Dec 2003

Is the 'Number Lock' turned on?

  peter4076 20:01 07 Dec 2003

How do you turn Num Lock on or off

  peter4076 20:04 07 Dec 2003

Found it don't I feel a fool, Once again if in doubt PCA's about. Thanks ticked

  beeuuem 20:05 07 Dec 2003

Push the 'Num Lock' key at the top next to F12.
A little light should come on when the lock is on.

  beeuuem 20:06 07 Dec 2003

It's always easy - when you know the answer:-)

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