Numbers in small frames - Microsoft Publisher 97

  Newuser1373 17:06 05 Mar 2003

Iam comp[iling Index Sheets for numbered Guide Cards in ring binders; A4 size sheets divided into 12 or 20 rows with a 24pt number at the RH end of each row corresponding to the guide card tab.
Small text frames are easily created and moved into these positions but how can one centre the numbers within these frames ? Can numerals be 'made' objects which can be nudged ?
The centre, left & right text tools are effective horizontally, my difficulty is centring the numerals vertically; they seem to be locked in one position within the frame.
Any help from experienced users of MS Publisher very welcome.

  Gongoozler 19:41 05 Mar 2003

Hi Rohco. In Publisher 2000, I can Format - Align Text Vertically - Center. I don't know if Publisher 97 has a similar option.

  Newuser1373 08:17 08 Mar 2003

Gongoozler - Mny tks for your input. Unfortunately P97 Format menu does not include 'Align Text .......' provisions. I got there eventually with judicious use of Between Libnes Spacing, Text Frame Properties and careful choise of Font & point size within the small frames. Interesting that there is a 'safety area' within the frame which limits the size to which it may be reduced without losing the contents.
An abortive exercise anyway; more frames are required to introduce text and the page will not import to Word. Quicker and far more convenient to create an appropriate Table in Word 2000 and save as a Template. Now done.
Regards - RoHco

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