Numbering invoices

  Tony7 15:28 15 Apr 2007

I need to print off invoices/job sheets and wish to have them numbered. I'm using MS word. Is there a way?

  MAJ 15:35 15 Apr 2007

You can add page numbers to the headers and footers......... if that's what you mean?

  MAJ 15:41 15 Apr 2007

In your Word doc, go to View > Header and Footer, click inside the header and go to Insert > Page Numbers, you can also insert the date by going to Insert > Date and Time.

  pj123 15:44 15 Apr 2007

Do you have Excel?

I can email you an Excel invoice template that I have made and use. It has incremental Order/Invoice numbers.

You can customise it to your own needs.

  MAJ 16:11 15 Apr 2007

The page numbers do not have to start at 1, they can start at any number between 0 and 32766. To do that, when inserting the number (from insert > page numbers), click on the Format button and enter the number you wish to start from and click OK.

The page numbers do not have to remain at the top or bottom of the page, once they have been inserted into the header or footer, they can be moved to any part of the page and still act as though they are part of the header or footer.

  Peter 18:59 15 Apr 2007


You can insert fields into Word documents that will allow for the type of invoice numbering you need.

I'm using Word 97 so these instructions may be a bit different if you are using another version of Word.

You should insert a field - Insert, Field, Numbering, AutoNum or ListNum or Seq.

AutoNum is easiest, but Seq allows more tailoring. You will need to provide a name for the field in Seq and ListNum, but something like "Invoice" will do.


  Tony7 08:26 16 Apr 2007

Sorry to confuse you all and thank you for you responses. What I need to do is print blank invoices just numbered sheets really. All the fields do is print the same number again and again. Any help is very much appreciated.

  Diemmess 10:29 16 Apr 2007

But....If all you need is a pile of sheets numbered separately you will need a very long document copied and pasted as many times as you wish to print sheets. Printing that will give you the separate numbers


What bothers me is the thought that someone will still have to file details of customers - relative to the invoice number.

It looks as though a re-think might be needed using Excel or even Access so that you can relate automatically all the details you want for a particular transaction. That path is one with expensive software and a steep learning curve.
There are cheaper programs. Open Office is often mentioned here, but I have no experience of that software

  MAJ 11:31 16 Apr 2007

I'd agree with Diemmess if what you wanted to do was print invoices (as we know them), but I think you only want to print off consecutively numbered blanks sheets, for whatever reason. That is fairly easy to do in MS Word, hence my earlier post about page numbering. I assume you'll be printing these off in batches, but I don't know what size of batch you'll be printing off each time, but here's how I would do it using batches of 20 for example.

Open Word: That will give you a doc with one page, click on that page and do a 'hard return' i.e. hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and press Return. That will add another page to your doc, keep doing hard returns until you have 20 pages. Then save this doc as a template file (.dot). Now when you want your numbered pages, open this .dot (give it an apt name) and on the first page go to View > Header and Footer, then Insert > Page Numbers. You can then (as per my post above) either have all your pages numbered 1 to 20 or you can continue on from number 20 in the next batch.

  Tony7 12:12 16 Apr 2007

Thanks for all the help.

  MAJ 12:37 16 Apr 2007

Well that doesn't tell us much, Tony7

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