Number on phone bill

  BigAl127 14:13 04 Dec 2004

Can anyone identify the following phone/sms number.

7000 34432

Apparently a call or sms has been made/sent to the above number at a cost of £1.50.

ICSTIS have no control over this type of number, so i'm at a loss who to report it to, apart from the service provider.

All help, ideas appreciated.

  ACOLYTE 14:15 04 Dec 2004

Looks like a Text message service,but witch one i dont know,maybe a ring tone or screensaver?.

  Spanglish 14:25 04 Dec 2004

From memory ( I will check Monday when at work )
The number is rented by an individual or Company which they can re-direct to another line , mobile-abroad-or land line, supposedly as the 'client' is travelling and needs a single number.Very similar to a PO Box number. Most of them are a scam of some sort and when you try to ascertain whom is really responsible you get no-where ( I have tried) but it involve's people thinking " Oh it is not a mobile it is OK". If you can give me some more info- NOT PERSONAL- ( public forum ) I will try and help.BA i.e is it 0207 or as in the original thread?

  BigAl127 20:54 04 Dec 2004


The number shows as 7000 34432. There is no leading zero as in a usual number.

Plus no-one in the house is aware of even using the number. Luckily there's only the one charge of £1.50, but i'm trying to avoid a £300+ bill at a later date, as i've heard of with the porn diallers and such.

  Graham ® 20:58 04 Dec 2004

Is this number on a printed bill or did you check your bill online?

  BigAl127 22:43 04 Dec 2004

Online. Been trying to check it out, but cant find any info on 7000 code phone numbers.

  VoG II 22:50 04 Dec 2004

Did I read this correctly? You are trying to find the culprit for a £1.50 phone call. Not £150 or £15,000 ?

Um, time could be better spent elsewhere, I would suggest.

  Valvegrid 22:51 04 Dec 2004
  BigAl127 15:29 05 Dec 2004


Yes you read right. the call was £1.50. Which i'm not unduly worried about. What I want to avoid is there suddenly being £300 worth of £1.50 calls on our phone bill.

  Valvegrid 16:02 05 Dec 2004

Its not likely if you read my link.

  Graham ® 16:04 05 Dec 2004

Valvegrid's link says calls charged at band 'd' for calls to Personal Numbering (for that is what it is).

BT don't give a fixed price, but a price in pence per minute:

click here

I should take this up with BT.

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