number 13

  eysha 10:46 30 Sep 2008

My daughter's computer is down. When it is switched on it beeps loudly so i, being very brave, lol, took the side off to see if i could see anything and noticed it flashing number 13.
Anyone know what number 13 means? I take it that it refers to the problem and why it no longer works but unless i know what 13 means i cannot get it fixed so if anyone has any help/ideas i would be gratful.

  canarieslover 10:58 30 Sep 2008

Try putting the side back on and see if it disappears, could just be an error report that the case has been opened.
Count the beeps as these will give an indication of the error. You will need to know the bios manufacturer to be able to translate these beeps. Common problems are badly seated memory or graphics card, or memory module failure.

  eysha 11:03 30 Sep 2008

It was beeping with the side on which is why she called me. Originally she got this computer from a friend becasue it was a better model than hers and hers had conked out anyway. the first time it reported a problem it turned out to be the DDR ram which apparently wasn't working (2100-2700) and that fault was reported with a flashing 'A'. now it's 13.
cannot get into the bios or anything else.

  birdface 11:07 30 Sep 2008

Unlucky for some maybe.Have you tried starting it in safe mode.Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts.And then try last good configuration or go back into safe mode and try a system restore to a time when she had no problems.While inside the computer check that it is clean and none of the air vents are clogged up with dust or fluff and that all the fans are working.Could it be that the battery is needing replaced,Was she having any date and time problems before this happened.Number 13 I don't have a clue,where does it show.

  eysha 11:15 30 Sep 2008

I cannot get it to start in any mode. looks clean inside. she has never used it yet. was given to her as working but it isn't. when i press the start button it just beeps and noting else happens, nothing on the screen at all.
I too ahve no idea what number 13 means and no idea how to find out.
It shows inside the computer on a small screen thing and lights up in green a bit like a digital clock.

  birdface 11:28 30 Sep 2008

If the computer has been moved about.Common problems are badly seated memory or graphics card,Maybe try taking them out and reseating them.When trying to start the computer is the PSU and CPU fans working.

  birdface 11:33 30 Sep 2008

Oops make sure computer has been unplugged from main socket and that you have earthed it properly before handling anything.Maybe contact the friend that she got it from to see if they had any problems with it.

  I am Spartacus 11:38 30 Sep 2008

If it's an AWARD BIOS it could be the graphics card not being seated properly click here

If you know what motherboard it is it might help tracking it down.

  eysha 13:21 30 Sep 2008

will try the graphics card etc. last owner on holiday now for ages.
is that bios site good for win 98 too?
having loads of problems with friends comp now and i think it is the bios settings. i know nothing about bios settings or what they should contain.

  Zeppelyn 15:43 30 Sep 2008


What make is the computer? I know some Abit motherboards do show status codes on the motherboard, if we know the motherboard model we can probably interpret. You say it beeps when switched on, does it continue loading Windows or shut down? Can you take the side back off and look to see what motherboard it is. Try switching on with side removed.

  eysha 22:20 30 Sep 2008

Hi Zeppelyn, it doesn't load windows or anything else it just beeps. I will look at the motherboard tomorrow and hopefully can let you know what it is. i hate computers, lol, but i couldn't be without one, lol.

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