Nudge a table Word 2007?

  tonyq 11:55 22 Dec 2012

Hi all, is it possible to move a table and contents a small amount,using Word 2007.I have tried clicking on the small box top L/H corner and selecting, but this seems a bit hit and miss at the best.

  Forum Editor 12:20 22 Dec 2012

This has always been a problem in Word - tables cannot be nudged, no matter what you try, but there is more than one way to skin a cat.

What I do is create a text box, and then create the table inside it.

Now you can nudge the text box in the usual way, and the table will go with it. Format the text box so no borders appear.

  tonyq 14:49 22 Dec 2012

Thank you Forum Editor,works a treat!.

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