Henryk 19:33 18 May 2005

I appear to have an infection on my PC. I am running on Windows 98 2nd Ed Dial up connection and use Firefox and Internet Explorer. I run Adaware SE with VX2 tooland Adwatch and AVG Antivirus.
Adwatch is continually monitoring registry modification. This is going on non stop. I have removed Backdoor, Coolwebsearch annd apparently VX2 this was done using Spybot, CWShreader & Spysubtract and also Symantic, Backdoor Autoupder Removal Tool and Cleanup4
In addition I have found that I E favourites are being modified to a great extent (ex. Financial and porn sites)
I have tried running all the tools in safety mode and also in full windows mode. Although they pick up Coolwebsearc, Backdoor, and VX2. They always seem to be regenerating.
Adaware just locks up on the removal function. Adaware VX2 tool tells me VX2 is clear.
In addition, if I open Task Manager it shows NTXB32.EXE, if I delete this Adwatch does not register any more registry modifications, but as soon as I open I E, NTXB32.EXE re appears in task manager and reg mods start all over again.
Has anyone any advice regarding this constant problem. Its been on going for 5 days now.

  Jak_1 19:46 18 May 2005

Look here click here

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