Bagsey 08:11 07 Jul 2003

Can anyone throw some light on my problem please??
I was checking my windows folder looking into another problem when I came across 9 entries coloured blue of this file $Ntuninstall followed by numbers refering to Ms base file eg. Q308402 etc. Can anyone tell me what to do with them as they are causing me some grief at the moment.
Oh yes and on opening the folders I find that they refer to Service Pack 1 but I have never downloaded any thing to do with service packs.
I am running XP Home.
Thanks in anticipation.

  [email protected] 08:30 07 Jul 2003

lucky. My strange folders are semi-transparent! How did you get Blue ones? I don't know what they are either. (XP Home)

  muppetmark 08:33 07 Jul 2003

These files are there to enable you to uninstall M$ updates via add remove programs, the numbers relate to the Update no.

  VoG II 08:34 07 Jul 2003

They are blue because they have been compressed - presumably by using Disk Cleanup.

  ardvarc 08:46 07 Jul 2003

If you haven't manually installed them from Windows Update Page then you must have Auto Install active. In what way are they giving you grief?.

  ardvarc 08:48 07 Jul 2003

That should read Atomatic Updates checked.

  Bagsey 09:53 07 Jul 2003

I am learning Adobe Premier 6.5 and I was trying to find out how to capture music and inadvertently click something. Now that menu item is associated with these blue files and I cant find out how to change that.

  leo49 10:19 07 Jul 2003

As noted above these folders store backups for the changes made by applying Hotfixes[they have references to SP1 merely because that's the way MS designates them - I have them and I haven't installed SP1 either].

If you have no intention of uninstalling these Hotfixes in the future - and I can't imagine why anyone would want to do this if a)it was deemed necessary to install them in the first place;and b)and more importantly, your PC is running fine with them in situ;

then these folders can be removed. This will NOT uninstall the fixes themselves merely the refences in add/remove, their relevant registry entries and the backup folders.

I used the utility available from here to do this:

click here

It worked beautifully and everything works fine afterwards.


  Bagsey 11:26 07 Jul 2003

Thanks very much indeed for your help. That worked a treat. Now back to the Adobe learning curve.
Cheers Arthur.

  bvw in bristol 00:31 08 Jul 2003

Thank you, good link.

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