ntoskrnl, laptop won't boot, keys hardly respond

  tregg 20:54 21 Jan 2008

in brief.
my laptop is/was having enormous problems STARTING UP.
most often, it gets 30 seconds in, prints an
"NTOSKRNL.EXE file missing, please reinstall" error message, then freezes.
1 in 40 start ups succeeds. (a guesstimate).
throughout, the KEYS are incredibly UNRESPONSIVE, such that i have to hammer them for 10 secs, till they respond, if i am lucky.
the trackpad/ pointing stick has the same lag: it is frozen for 3 secs-then it jumps to the other side of the screen.
the usb mouse mostly works normally.

1)i have used acronis to roll back to the back up image i made, from when it was straight out of the box.
2)i have done some diagnostics check, from some menu that came from pressing F12, in boot up, which took an hour, and all seems ok, green arrows throughout. i made notes somewhere....
3)i have unscrewed laptop case, disconnected/ reconnected the cable connecting the keyboard.
4)i have reinstalled win xp.

none of this affects the keys lag.
the reinstallation may or may not have helped with the ntoskrnl.exe message- but i am quite often getting a "windows cannot start because of some configuration problem" message, i forget exactly. perhaps a boot up configuration problem.

i put back the hard drive as the 1st priority to boot from, in the BIOS.
i am in no hurry to say that my laptop boots up normally now, though.

OCCASIONally, the laptop starts up normally, the keys/trackpad respond perfectly, and it all looks like there is no problem.
then after 1,2 mins, the keys/trackpad go back to their delay.
during the normal running of the laptop, when it has started to display the desktop, it sometimes puts a message up "application cannot start, because CPPU3.dll is missing".
i have also installed a game, when it all working briefly well, and everything else, bar the key lag, seems to work normally.

the main way that i was lucky enough to start the laptop, seemed to be just to give it a rest.
getting as far as SAFE mode a few times, didn't help; it wouldn't start up from there.
so i was wondering if something was overheating.
during the reinstallation of windows, the laptop normally rebooted a few times- but it got stuck at each installation reboot, so i had to keep restarting the laptop, dozens of times, till eventually it completed the reboot.

1) i installed pc pitstop, which is some program from pc advisor cover disk. i didn't buy it/ activate it though.
2) i installed a :
"virtual cd rom control panel", from
click here,
which i read about in pc advisor.
there seems to be some connection between mounting a new drive, and the ntoskrnl.exe message.
but when i rolled back to an acronis back up image, that should have solved it. yet i still couldn't start up.

my laptop is a lattitude d420 from dell, about 8 months old, with a Solid State Disk, ie it's hard drive is made up of NAND Flash memory- thus no moving parts.

i was running kapersky antivirus, and zone alarm the paid for version, with its anti spyware.
everything should've been up to date.

i am thinking that it can't be a software problem, so i was pondering if any hardware failure could bring up a "ntoskrnl.exe corrupt" message.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:43 21 Jan 2008
  Ashrich 22:56 21 Jan 2008

Depending on how many sticks of memory you have in your laptop ( I suspect two ) try taking one out and rebooting , if no difference try with the other one out and reboot again , as I reckon that could be the problem , or possibly one of the nand modules that make up the hard disk could be faulty , although how you would go about testing that is beyond me . Other than that , when you CAN get into your PC , back up everything to an external drive and reformat and re-install . CPPU3.dll is a part of Open Office ( and I think Star Office as well ) from Sun Micro Systems


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