targemaker 15:06 31 Jan 2005

I have been running a web page, created with "WEB! Pro Edition" software by NTM PUBLISHING. This worked fine on my laptop with windows 98 and internet explorer 5.
Now I have tried to install WEB! on my new PC, which has Windows XP Home, and internet exp. 6.
Although it appears to load, it will not function, and freezes, and I have to use "ctrl/alt/del" to get out.
I've tried compatibility mode, but no use.
I'd like to contact NTM publishing, but am puzzled by their site, which doesn't mention WEB! Pro.
Does anyone use WEB! Pro? Can you help ? Please

  PurplePenny 20:11 31 Jan 2005

are no longer producing WEB! Pro but it has been taken over by another company from whom an upgrade is available for $29.99:

click here

PS Do you really make targes? Are you a reenactor?

  targemaker 20:44 31 Jan 2005

Thanks, I'll try that tomorrow. Got a cold tonight!

Aye, I do make targes - look at click here = that's me !

  steve263000 05:02 02 Feb 2005

I can be of no help whatsoever with the problem, but what a fasinating site. Well worth a look by anyone. With my last name, (burns) I just had to take a look!

  targemaker 11:41 02 Feb 2005

Thanks to purplepenny - it worked !
Thanks also to steve fo the compliment. I like making them.

  Taran 17:33 02 Feb 2005

Small world.

Years ago I used to be a professional armourer and bladesmith for museums and collectors all over the world, with some involvement in the film industry. I specialised in pattern welded Damascus blades, Hon San Mai, Nordic, Celtic and Dark Age period pieces.

It's nice to see a fellow craftsman out there and even nicer to see them on the web !

I enjoyed my visit and have now bookmarked your website for the future.


  PurplePenny 20:51 02 Feb 2005

Taran - did you notice that I straight away asked the question that I kept bugging you with? One day I'll find a reenactor on here.

Joe the Targe - you've got one for me on your site (ClanRanald)! BTW, I meant to mention before. In Firefox some of your code shows in the background which is a bit distracting.

I used to make medieval clothes and, occasionally, turnshoes and pattens. 3 ash longbows too! When civilisation as we know it comes to an end we'll be able to equip the survivors quite well :-)

  targemaker 17:29 03 Feb 2005

Hi PP & Taran.
If you want a re-enactor, try clicking the links on my site.

The Clanranald is a nice targe, but is "plain" leather (not embossed) like the original. It has a lot of nails though. I call it "CLANRANALD" because McIain in his famous prints depicts a member of Clanranald carrying it. Who am I to argue ?
Thanks for the tip re Firefox. Don't know what I can do though. I don't have Firefox - only just read about it, and I am not very good at computers. I do my web site simply by dragging and dropping ( my wife drags me to the computer and ... ) Can't do code.
Another problem I seem to have is that if I instal McAfee Privacy Service, it stops me using my FTP system, and also stops my clicking links on e-mails. I've had to uninstal that part of my McAfee package. Any hints?

Taran - glad you like the site. hey, how about the magic sand ?

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