ntlworld e-mail

  joe95 08:49 04 Mar 2004

for the last 3days I have been unable to collect my e-mails. I can browse and read all the posts go to different sites but everytime I try for my e-mail a logon box pops up asking for my password all the little dots that represent my password but nothing happens.
Thanks Joe

  Wak 09:09 04 Mar 2004

Are you on dial-up or Broadband???
If you are on B/B, try the Correctconnect program as it will tell you if it is your computer, the connection in between or their appliances.
If it is their appliances, there's not a lot you can do about it but it will at least save you trying to re-enter your password every few minutes (which isn't necessary and just an automatic response)

  joe95 09:23 04 Mar 2004

I am on dial-up have checked all my details they seem to be okay.
Thanks Joe

  TBH1 12:32 04 Mar 2004

joe95 - - I have similar problems at times mate - - -seems to resolve itself after a time - - -had a funny last night where the password thingy popped up for my main account yet had no worries with my secondary one. Weird - -

  joe95 12:38 04 Mar 2004

I restored mine this morning to a couple of days ago no problem now.I keep forgetting about restore. bigger hammer needed.

  Clint2 13:05 04 Mar 2004

Ntl have had problems with their e-mail service.
click here

  Sheila-214876 14:33 04 Mar 2004

I got an email some time ago from NTL saying they were updating their email service. But it appears that NTL still seem to be having problems with email. I get the same problem occasionally. I have two NTL addressess, one of which seems to be OK so I have set up a divert and have also setup a Hotmail address with divert. When NTL is working fine I get the same email three times. If it goes on the blink I still get the email via Hotmail.

  igk 16:21 04 Mar 2004

Yes they are having problems Again!! also beware of e-mails purporting to come from NTL staff threatening to close accounts,and the reason in an attachment,this is a virus/worm,the e-mail does NOT come from NTL,they say delete it,I have had 3 of these on all my accounts!

  keith-236785 17:17 04 Mar 2004

as ennuye says NTL sent an e-mail recently warning of disruption to the e-mail service, if you want to check the server status in your area, goto click here click on help in the purple bar across the top of the browser window, then click on check server status.

this is from NTL site:-

ntl Home - All Packages - E-Mail Service
The ntlworld email service will be unavailable to all customers between 2300 on Monday 1st March and 0700 on Tuesday 2nd March.

This is to allow work to upgrade the email servers to improve the performance of the email service.

This outage will affect all ntlworld email users, including dial up, broadband and Freedom customers.

During this time, ntlworld customers will be unable to send or receive emails, either from using Outlook Express or using the webmail service on ntlworld.com.

Any emails sent to your account during this time will be available to you once the email servers are available on Tuesday morning from 0700am.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this work may cause.

this should all be sorted now but check anyway....it says Derby area is (or was today) suffering loss of service.

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