NTL/Virgin Samsung Set top box issues

  Effie 15:42 29 May 2010

Have been with using a Samsung Set Top box for my cable broadband with no problems up to lately when I was sent a new card to insert into it. This lost me my broadband 3 weeks after inserting their new card but the TV package is working fine .

Customer services tell me that this box will no longer support my internet package and I have to wait another 3 weeks for an engineer to turn up and replace it as they are classing it as a new installation. Needless to say I am extremely unhappy as they must have known that this would occur as they provided and installed the whole thing to start with.

Expecting me to wait 3 weeks for a replacement upgrade is totally unacceptable !!

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

  birdface 18:14 29 May 2010

What would happen if you switch the box off.Take out the new card and then replace the old card.
Would that help or would you loose your TV programs as well.

Not sure what a samsung box does.Do you connect a cable from the box to your computer or to a Modem and then to your computer.

  Strawballs 18:27 29 May 2010

Thjs box has built in modem, it was thr one I had before I got V+ box and seperate modem.

  Effie 21:01 29 May 2010

Customer Service has advised me not to replace the old card back in the machine. Don't want to risk losing my tv as well as my broadband!

They have offered me a month's rebate of fee and the offer of free wirefree modem at some stage in the futute but this is no compensation for the loss of the service and all the inconvenience it's going to cause me for the next few weeks!

  BT 07:52 30 May 2010

I have a Samsung Box but my Broadband is via a separate modem. its connected through a splitter in the incoming cable. I have never used the built in modem, they put in the splitter right from the start.

I think they will give you a wirefree router and you will still need their modem as well. They replaced my modem through the post inside a couple of days when I had a fault

  martjc 09:58 30 May 2010

...I used to work for VM some time ago. The thing is they do not seem to think ahead when major changes are to be taken up. The type of service you have is now considered outmoded and slow. The new card is a stopgap. The three week wait would be typical as a first offer. BT [above] explains that he has the newer type of service. Yours should have been changed some time ago, but VMs attitude seems to be 'we'll get around to them all, eventually.' This does not help the customer, but they will replace your equipment when the complaints get strong and can't be ignored!

I'd get back on to them - then again - then again, until you get some satisfaction!

  Effie 11:06 30 May 2010

Oops, I should have said they are ofering me a free router not a free modem!!

I have no idea what type new setup they are planning to install.

Hi Martjc, I agree if this was a new installation, a 3 week wait would not be uncommon, but as I didn't know that what I was using was a outmoded system, it'e totally unfair that I should be considered a new installation. I have to agree with your summing up of their attitude of 'We will get around to them eventually'!

  Effie 11:13 30 May 2010

If you want to upgrade your broadband speed, does anyone know would you have to upgrade your modem as well?

  BT 16:46 30 May 2010

"BT [above] explains that he has the newer type of service"

I've had that set up for nearly 5 years, originally with an NTL modem, later exchanged for a VM modem due to a fault, so not exactly new.


I didn't have to change my modem when VM gave me the free upgrade to 10mb, so I wouldn't think you would have to.
Your new set up will probably be a Splitter in your Cable feed plus a VM modem and separate router.

  martjc 08:55 31 May 2010

...what you got five years ago WAS VMs newer system which can be easily upgraded via firmware to give better speeds. Effie's is that which came before yours and is not capable of a software only upgrade. It was designed as a minimum standard set and only just capable of broadband at the slowest speeds.

  martjc 09:15 31 May 2010

...you'll probably get a complete new system, hence the need for a tech to call. Technicians who'd answer your needs are all based locally to you and are probably thin on the ground. That's why the wait is so long!

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