NTL/Virgin Cable Modem 250 (Ambit) advice

  Audio~~Chip 14:27 02 Aug 2010

Friend asked me for advice about his Virgin Broadband. He is paying for 20MB using a the 250 Cable modem which virgin supplied him.

He has contacted Virgin regarding his Broadband only being 2.5MB! when paying for 20MB. He has only just realised how poor his broadband is on Cable and asked me if I have any soloution. From what I know I would say its all down to Cable and Virgin being the fault and nothing the machine can cause this.

I thought this NTL/Virgin 250 Cable modem was fairly old and got me thinking can it support anything as high as even 8MB+ minimum ?

Any advice please my friend would be greatfull. Also to add he is running WinXP SP3, and no known infections the machine runs fine.

  Woolwell 14:33 02 Aug 2010

See click here
Is he connecting by USB or ethernet?

Suggest contact Virgin and ask for a new modem.

  birdface 14:37 02 Aug 2010

I am using the 256 Ambit version and get the full 10 Mb that I am supposed to get.
So not sure if you got the ambit version wrong or not.

This is the speed test that the Virgin Engineers use.

click here

Or maybe switch the Modem off for 1 minute and back on again and leave for 2 minutes before using again see if that helps.

  Audio~~Chip 14:38 02 Aug 2010

Enough said, this could then be either he is connecting the 250 by USB cable &/or his motherboard only supports USB 1.1 which will give very poor signal.

Thank u Woolwell

  Audio~~Chip 14:41 02 Aug 2010

For some reason I read the 250 Cable modem is made by Ambit in another place online, unless its the wrong number. I have my sturdy O2 on DSL getting 12MB think its looking to be a router replacement for my friend and some heavy negotiation with Virgin.

  birdface 14:41 02 Aug 2010

If your friend has the Virginmedia phone package as well all he has to do id Dial 150 and it does not cost anything.
They may be able to fix it over the phone.
I am assuming your friend is connected by cable.

  wiz-king 15:00 02 Aug 2010

I had this problem last year and after testing the USB modem on-line they said it was broken and arranged of a visit from a friendly engineer with a new modem. The newer type modem uses an ethernet connection.

  BT 16:40 02 Aug 2010

They sent me a new one in the post.
Just had to phone them to get it activated.

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