NTLDR is missing?

  Swoosh 20:05 27 Oct 2008

I've just turned my PC on to be greeted with the message- NTLDR is missing, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. Windows doesn't start up, just that message on a black screen. I don't have the set-up CD because Windows was pre installed on the PC when I bought it. Any ideas, helpline numbers?

  MAT ALAN 20:12 27 Oct 2008

click here

You will need to borrow a copy of your chosen O/S to try a repair

  iscanut 21:02 27 Oct 2008

Did you not get given a recovery disc of some sort. The NT Loader resides in the boot section and if damaged, windows will not load as you have found out. You will need an Operating System disc as MAT has advised.

  MAT ALAN 21:17 27 Oct 2008

Probably a recovery disc Nuts, which in most cases is neither use nor ornament...

  canarieslover 11:43 28 Oct 2008

Hi, I have just experienced the same report. I had just tried re-formatting a hard drive in an external case as I was intending to re-install Windows on it. My computer locked up halfway through the format so I had to power down. I then tried hard drive as slave, master and cable select in my computer but with all configurations I still got NTLDR missing. Do you have a second drive in your machine or attached externally? If so, try disconnecting the second drive.

  canarieslover 15:09 28 Oct 2008

I had to download hard drive utilities from Samsung to enable me to low level format the drive. I then formatted it under Windows and no longer getting 'NTLDR missing' report.

  Swoosh 15:41 29 Oct 2008

Thanks for the replies. Right, I've just borrowed a recovery CD for my o/s(xp) so hopefully it does the trick. Never tried this before but will I be able to do a partial recovery and keep my files?

  iscanut 15:48 29 Oct 2008

Don't forget that you will need to go into the BIOS and make sure that the machine boots from the CD/DVD player rather than the hard disk.

  Swoosh 19:11 30 Oct 2008

All done!!
Had to do a full recovery but here I am typing on my PC instead of my mobile. Didn't lose anything too valuable luckily, most of it backed up. It's just a pain getting all my old programs back.
Thanks again, esp. Nuts.

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