craigy1 20:07 12 Sep 2003

hi again!!!!!!!!!

I am with NTL on the 128 broad band and I have just got home with a Dell laptop. I would like to be able to sit downstairs and surf, but my problem is how do i get the Dell to connect to the broadband.

I have put the cable in the back from the NTL box and there is a green light and an orange light on but it says there is no connection, even thought the little monitor in the right hand corner of the screen says it is connect to a 10.mbps.

am i doing something stupid?

  sdf 20:21 12 Sep 2003

have you configured the dial up connection so it looks to that to connect to the internet?

  AndySD 20:24 12 Sep 2003

Have you just removed the connection from the set top box from your pc and connected the laptop?

  craigy1 20:25 12 Sep 2003

yeah i have. even tried to put in the other pc's ip adress as well.

  craigy1 20:27 12 Sep 2003

i know is seems stupid but yes andy i have.!!!!!!!

  SEASHANTY 20:45 12 Sep 2003

Have NTL 600k BB. The NTL cable modem remembers the
MAC address (Physical address) of the ethernet card
of the PC used on first connection. I have connected a router to my cable modem and cloned into the router the MAC address of my first registered PC with NTL. Thus the modem still thinks it is connected to the main PC. Both the main PC and my secondary PC (which is not a lap-top but it could be) are both plugged into the router ports. This way
I can access the net without re-registering with NTL. The set-top box NTL modems work in similar fashion. Checkout robin d.h. walkers website here
click here

  craigy1 20:48 12 Sep 2003

to have that one would cost me a lot of dosh. is there not another way round it?

  SEASHANTY 21:16 12 Sep 2003

Around £50 or so for a router. You could use your main PC as a gateway and connect a crossover cat5
network cable from your laptop to the main PC. This may entail fitting a PCI 10/100 network (NIC) card to your main PC. I am assuming that your main PC RJ45 socket is being used to connect to the cable modem. Using it this way tho' your main PC will have to be connected to the net all the time you want to use the laptop to also connect. NIC cards
are about £10 or so and easy to fit in a spare PCI slot. Using a router is the most convenient way. It avoids having to have the main PC on, you would not need another NIC card in your main PC. The router also acts as a firewall. Connecting via a router you
would use straight through Cat5 network cable (NOT
crossover).Visit the Linksys website for how to network click here. There are many others - just type networking in Google.

  dfghjkl 21:17 12 Sep 2003

i installed cd on second pc exactly the same way as on first and used usb connection just swapped over cable to second pc and no problems i dont know about ethernet,i use it now but dont have second pc now.i also used this in the same wat on ntl dial up,if i remember the e mail would stay on the pc that opened it but everything else was the same,if you have a problem when you try it just ring them up they are the best ntl has got, they will help you to do it,they helped me

  SEASHANTY 21:31 12 Sep 2003

Also whilst I remember Networklab is also an interesting site for info click here

  John-259217 21:59 12 Sep 2003

Your STB should be able to store five different MAC addresses.

If you connect the laptop directly to the STB, start Internet Explorer, makesure it`s set to use a LAN connection then try typing start.NTL into the address bar.

It should offer you a configuration page which will let you register the laptop with the STB (you will need you PID and password from the NTL welcome letter)

If you then switch off the STB for 30 seconds and restart it your laptop should connect.

To return to the original PC will also require you to rebboot the STB so in the long run a Router is more convenient.

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