ntl on wireless

  djbenny 11:04 01 Aug 2006

can the ntl modem be connected straight to a wireless access point as i have a friend that just biought a laptopp with wireless and wants to be able to use the internet around the house on the back of the modem/router there is usb and ethernet port any help?

  djbenny 11:18 01 Aug 2006

the ntl modem is model 08004EU NTL:200

  FelixTCat 15:11 01 Aug 2006

As far as I know, if you have a modem that has a USB port and a single ethernet port, it is an either - or situation. You will get a broadband output on either one or the other.

Please check your manual to confirm this.

If this is so, you will need to buy a wireless router and feed the router with the ethernet output from your modem.



  djbenny 11:15 03 Aug 2006

will that mean that tyhe pc will need to be on wireless too then?

  Sibbo 12:10 03 Aug 2006

NTL recommend that you use the Ethernet port. On my set up (If I remember correctly), the NTL cable goes directly into the Wireless Access Point. A cable from there then goes into the Ethernet Port on my Desktop PC. I can then connect my wireless enabled Laptop to connect to the Internet without my Desktop PC having to be switched on (apart from at the electric point). Hope ethis helps.

  djbenny 12:17 03 Aug 2006

what wireless access points feature that, because usually they only have one etheretport for the lan togo into but none to come out?

  FelixTCat 13:05 03 Aug 2006


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You mailed:

hey, will i be able to connect the usb to the pc and the wireless point to the ethernet or can it only be sent through one point?

I answered that in my first response - there is only one output.



  djbenny 13:38 03 Aug 2006

sorry, i understand that, but in the wireless point i have there is only one ethernet pot that is available, which is the input port, is this on all access points or just mine i was looking at the linksys one to buying for my access point

  FelixTCat 13:47 03 Aug 2006


Apology accepted. What you are trying to do is "split" your broadband between 2 devices and for that you really need a router. You can get a wireless router for about the same price as an access point; this will have, obviously, a wireless output and 4 wired ports.

If his ntl modem has a DHCP server in it then presumably he could connect the access point directly to the ethernet port and connect wirelessly to his laptop - I have no experience of this - I would recommend the wireless router path.



  djbenny 14:31 03 Aug 2006

but i thought that it had to be ntl equipment to work with their system? so if i buiy a wireless router then it should be ok for both devices?

  djbenny 14:35 03 Aug 2006

click here would that be ok for example?

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