NTL Web space

  Fatbelly 11:14 18 Jun 2005

I am on NTL B/Band and they offer 50mb of free web space.
I intend to start a site dedicated to my local team. I have no experience of web building, so my question is 50mb of web space enough to meet my needs.

I envisage my site to have some photos of recent matches and player profiles etc.
So is 50mb enough.

  AndySD 12:37 18 Jun 2005


  conrail 19:21 02 Jul 2005

sorry to intrude on your question fatbelly, but I am also on ntl and they are offering 55Mb web space, I am alsomst finished creasting my 1st site and it is currently at 58.7Mb, anybody know what ntl do when you are over, still waiting for an email reply from them

  AndySD 04:51 03 Jul 2005

58.7Mb for a web site thats huge what have you got in that?

  conrail 11:09 04 Jul 2005

producing a web site for a local theatrical group with all the shows since they 1st started, 1954, including cast lists and photos, as it is my 1st site and up to now feel quite proud of my achievement I would hate to have to cut it down but looks like I will have to, I got the size from going to the file on my hard drive and selecting properies, that is the right way isn't it? I think I will just have to be harsh and chop it down, unless there is a site that will offer me more free web space.

  AndySD 20:07 04 Jul 2005


Yes thars the right way. Try adjusting some of the images to make them smaller.

  conrail 16:26 05 Jul 2005

thanks AndySD for suggestion, can I ask a silly question, will resizing on the page do it or do I need to use a product like paint shop pro? if the latter, what size do you recomend, I have tried making the width 250 and the resolution 72 using psp but I get a block picture, doing something wrong somewhere

  conrail 16:34 05 Jul 2005

ps also saving as a jpeg, is that right or would a tiff work better?

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