NTL set top box + broadband

  acstokie 12:13 02 Feb 2006

The 1Mb broadband service i receive is via the NTL set top box, direct to my PC via a USB adaptor. There is no router, modem or ethernet card in use. At present the cable between set top box and PC is usightly and i wish to tidy this up, one option i have considered is a wireless network. As the cable has been wired direct to the wall outlet boxes, does anyone what type of patch cable NTL use? Would i be right in thinking it is a CAT 5e, twisted pair, and as such would the data plug be an RJ45 type.

  keewaa 13:45 02 Feb 2006

I would think your modem is built into the set top box. If this is true then the cable from the set-top box will be ethernet cable. However if it is not true then it won't be ethernet. Just check the spec of the set top box to find out, what model number is it?

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