NTL problem

  Trackrat 18:50 30 Dec 2003

My nephew rang me just before Xmas as he had just been connected to NTL broadband, he said the engineer had connected him and left him with a cd to finish of the instillation but when he put the cd in it just closed down. So he got in touch with NTL who said he needed a usb adaptor as the cable box is used as the broadband modem. Surely if this is true the engineer would need to connect to the cable box to set it up?. What is the usb adaptor for?. HE was told it would take 7 days to send the adaptor and then to ring the helpline to set it up, as he is new to computers he is worried that he will not be able to follow what he is told to do. all I can tell you about his computer is that he is running windows XP. Any replies will be gratefully accepted. I got him to open the command prompt and type ipconfig/all and it said cannot access, that is when he was told by NTL about the USB adaptor

  microswift 19:02 30 Dec 2003

The NTL engineer has probably enabled the broadband connection to the set top box, the stb has an ethernet port for connecting via ethernet cable to the PC. The simplest solution for your nephew would be to install an ethernet card in his PC, they are simple to install and cost around eighteen pounds, there would then be no need for any installation disc.

  bremner 19:03 30 Dec 2003

I have looked here click here and it seems likely your nephew is to be connected via his set top box and the info for that states

"Digital set top box customers: You'll receive:

An Ethernet cable
Ethernet-to-USB adapter
Cross-over (x-over) adapter

If you already subscribe to our digital TV service you won't necessarily require an engineer to visit as you already have a cable modem in your home, however, in most instances an engineer will come to install your Broadband Internet

  A15 19:09 30 Dec 2003

& had exactly the same problem. He was promised an inclusive installation service. Unfortunately when the engineer arrived, all he could do was enable the set top box & leave. The engineers are apparently no longer allowed to touch PC's because of liability incurred if they were to be damaged.

Once you have all the necessary equipment ring the helpline & they will walk you through the installation step by step.

  Trackrat 19:17 30 Dec 2003

Thanks to you all for your answers.
Regards ALAN

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