craigy1 21:33 04 Dec 2003

Hi there.
My father has my old pc with the NTL dial up package. He has got a HUGE phone bill even though he pays £10 a month for unlimited use.

His problem is that NTL have billed him for using the net to download music, even though he claims he was not using his pc at the time.

The phone number that NTL clain that he has used is a premium number that charges a lot of money to download music.

My question is, is there a virus that would cause this and if the pc is downloading anything, would this show on the harddrive or is someone hacking in using his phone line?


  VoG II 21:36 04 Dec 2003

You could use Spybot to check for the presence of dialers) click here

  woodchip 21:38 04 Dec 2003

NTL do not monitor Premium phone numbers. If you use one it will cost you. It will not go through the NTL box. As 0800 numbers do not go through the box they are diverted

  craigy1 21:38 04 Dec 2003

Have tried that, seems ok though.

  craigy1 21:42 04 Dec 2003

but woodchip, if he has dialled a premium number, it would show on the bill.

if i get this number would I be able to access it through my pc and how do i access it?

  woodchip 21:48 04 Dec 2003

One other thing is that he cannot use your account with a different phone number. is that the problem

PS it'£15 a month also not £10 As that's what I pay

  craigy1 21:51 04 Dec 2003


what i mean is if i get the premimum rate phone number can i access it through my pc.
i mean ntl are saying that the number is a pc number that people use to download music from at a high rate of money.

  craigy1 21:53 04 Dec 2003

i mean how do u dial a phone number through your pc?

  woodchip 21:55 04 Dec 2003

You have to agree online on the web page that you will pay to download

  woodchip 21:56 04 Dec 2003

PS the number will then be recorded on your Account Go to E-bill at NTL page

  craigy1 21:57 04 Dec 2003


i thought that as well. if there was a dialer on his pc, would that maybe account for his problem. I did try spybot cos thats what i use on mine but it never showed anything.

or could it be that ntl have messed up?????

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