Ntl Or Windows Firewall

  birdface 21:20 11 Sep 2006

Hi,Advice on best Firewall to use, Have used Windows Firewall for years until Ntl started there own, So tried that for a few month, But did not feel comfortable with it, And have gone back with Windows Firewall, Anybody got any suggestions as which is the best,

  anskyber 21:26 11 Sep 2006

ZoneAlarm click here

  skidzy 22:08 11 Sep 2006

Agreed anskyber,user friendly once you get through the allow deny stages of various system programs.

  birdface 22:54 11 Sep 2006

Hi anskber + skidzy. Thanks for the feedback, I was not really wanting to download another Firewall, But if you believe that Zone Alarm Is better than The one's that I have been using, I will give it a try, Thanks for getting back to me,

  skidzy 23:00 11 Sep 2006

Remember only one firewall at any one time,if you try to run more than one...you are asking for conflicts.

Hope this helps.

  RicScott 09:54 12 Sep 2006

If your running through a router, the router shouild have a built in firewall anyway..

To check your service ports for issues goto: click here
Click on proceed about half way down the page then click on All Service Ports.

This will tell you if you have any problems with any ports.
You should get an all green report.. Full stealth.
If you get a red block, mouse over it and see which port it is and possibly what's using it.

  johndrew 10:31 12 Sep 2006

I would vote for Kerio click here but it is a personal choice.

  birdface 17:21 12 Sep 2006

Hi skidsy,Yes only running 1 firewall,Thank's for the reminder, RicScot,Thanks for the info, Ran your port scan, And no problems found, Johndrew,Thanks for your info,Looked up Kerio,The $20 put me off, I know that you can get the free one,But did not compare with the pay one, Due to the lack of Funds this end,I have to go with the freebie's and hope for the best,Thanks to all,For all the help

  birdface 12:02 13 Sep 2006

Hi All, Have downloaded Zone Alarm,Will try that and see how I get on, Thanks for all the help, Will now class this as resolved.

  tenplus1 15:10 13 Sep 2006

I use Sygate Personal Firewall which is so easy to install and use and is FREE...

Get here: click here

Some people may argue that it's not being developed anymore, but for me it runs perfectly, so why improve on something that works well...

  birdface 12:57 14 Sep 2006

Hi Tenplus 1,Thanks for your feedback, I have downloaded the free version of Zone Alarm, I must say that I am not that keen on it at the moment , But will keep it for a few weeks to see if it settles down,Most times when I try to find what program is wanting to be acknowledged, It cuts me of from the internet,Like I said once all programs are set, It may run a bit better,If not I will try your firewall, Thanks for your help.

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