ntl Netguard- is it worth having?

  canard 20:51 06 Aug 2005

Has anyone tried ntl Netguard? It claims to be the best thing ever but is it and would it work with AVG?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:40 06 Aug 2005

I vaguely remember something about it and seeing that there were sufficient free alternatives available... not heard anything to change my mind.

  Strawballs 22:01 06 Aug 2005

Tried it for a while son went back to AVG on laptop McAfee on main machine

  octal 22:03 06 Aug 2005

I'm on NTL but don't use Windows so I can't try it. It's free click here its only available if you are on cable. I'm not sure if its got the same pedigree as the likes of AVG or Avast yet though. Its a 30MB download.

  canard 00:23 07 Aug 2005

Thanks for your views.

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