NTL Mailbox limit?

  pj123 12:34 25 Jun 2005

Is there a limit? I just had a friend email me 5 emails with 2 jpg attachments in each. I only got 2 of them and an email from NTL saying my mailbox is overloaded and to delete some. The others were "not delivered". I have saved the attachments from the 2 I got and deleted them and then emailed my friend to send the others again, but 1 at a time over a period. Does anyone know what the limit is? I have an Hotmail account with a 250mb limit and a 10mb limit on attachments. Perhaps I should use hotmail for attachments.

  Smiler 14:44 25 Jun 2005

I think you'll find it's 10MB

click here

  pj123 15:00 25 Jun 2005

Thanks Smiler, but 10 jpg pictures all less than 500kb comes to (at the most) 5mb which should still see me OK for another 5mb before I get a warning.

  pj123 15:05 25 Jun 2005

Sorry, hit the post button too soon. Mean't to say "unless of course, the whole mailbox is 10mb and not just the attachments". Which means that all the other spam/junk emails are included in the 10mb. Looks like Hotmail is a good deal.

  john-232317 15:51 25 Jun 2005

I had an ntl account which i did not use for about a year when i moved to Spain, when i got BB i had to access the account through mail2web cos it was jammed with spam, over 3000 emails ;-))

  Smiler 16:11 25 Jun 2005

I think it means the whole mailbox as I usually get a message that my mailbox is over the highwater mark at about 8MB total
It seems medeocre to me but that's how it's been all along I think.

  pj123 16:32 25 Jun 2005

Good in'it. I just called NTL Tech Support on the phone and they can't tell me what the limit is.

  pj123 14:21 26 Jun 2005

I have now told all my contacts who send me attachments to use my Hotmail account. This thread now ticked.

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