NTL mail down yet again

  March Hare 15:32 31 Jul 2004

Once again it's impossible to access NTL email today. What annoys me most of all is:

a) There is no mention of this on the NTL service status page

b) The error messages always suggest that the fault is with me ("please re-enter your username and password"). Those details haven't changed since I first configured them many moons ago, so why does the system default to imply they are wrong?

The last few times this has happened in recent weeks, the story is usually that upgrading of servers is taking place 'to improve service'. I wonder when we are going to see this improvement?

I know I should be writing to NTL to complain about this, but since NTHell disappeared (what a cynical move that was), I don't enjoy banging my head against a brick wall.

Just thought I'd have a moan here, as I feel I'm amongst friends on this forum.

I'll get me coat now.

  March Hare 15:41 31 Jul 2004

Ha! Since I wrote the above the NTL service status page has now acknowledged the outage, but not the fact that it has been going on for most of the day.

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