ntl is it a con

  chippy+ 11:02 07 Apr 2005

i am looking for advice i had ntl 300 broadband unlimited use and changed to the faster speed of 1000 which goes by useage as i have two computers on a home network with both on the internet would i be better off going back to the 300 unlimited allthough slower both are priced at £17 99 thanks chippy

  Yoda Knight 11:08 07 Apr 2005

depends on the useage limits and your usage

  SEASHANTY 11:10 07 Apr 2005

Depends on what you are using them for and how long they are online (I switch everything off when not using any of my PC's - why waste energy and bandwidth usage)
click here

  chippy+ 11:23 07 Apr 2005

hi thanks to those who anrwered my question my pc are through a router dose that being always on affect my usage or can it all be switched off without affecting my router settings thanks again chippy

  Jeff W 11:45 07 Apr 2005

I made exactly this switch about three weeks ago. I have a laptop and desktop networked via a wireless router. I turn everything off at the wall when its not in use - no problems at all.

I'm monitoring my bandwith with this: click here

Needs to be installed on both computers - I'm a moderately heavy user but no music files or videos downloaded. I'm nowhere near the 1GB limit for the month yet.

I wouldn't call it a con - more like a very welcome improvement.

  SEASHANTY 11:51 07 Apr 2005

My three PC's are also via a router. A linksys befsr41 wired 4 port router with switch. I switch everything off PC's, router and cable modem and NO it does not affect the router settings.

  woodchip 11:58 07 Apr 2005

No IDEA about how you use BB. But I have just started My BT/NTL connection at £25 for a no Cap 512kb and Free local and national phone calls. I used to be on the 321 service a Dial-Up with them. the problem with NTL is they do not supply enough info on what is going on and setup info

  jbp1982 11:59 07 Apr 2005

for an extra £7, taking you to £24.99. The limit changes from 1gig per month to 1 gig per day and the speed goes upto 2meg.

I think NTL is not as bad as people make out, certainly I have had little annoyances with them, but on the whole I like what I get from them.

I am getting 2meg BB, TV and phone for a total of £39.50 a month. With sky + BB + BT phone it worked at £61 a month. For the same things...

  pj123 12:15 07 Apr 2005

I am on NTL BB via a set top box. Started off at 600 then went to 750. Now up to 2mb with a 1gb per day cap (30gb a month). Unfortunately, my set top box (Pace) won't go to 2mb so I am stuck at 1mb unless I get them to change the box.

NTL also say that they are not implementing the cap limits until later this year, but they also say they won't penalise anyone going over the limit unless it is blatant overuse and even then they will issue a warning before doing anything.

One more point. I don't think you can go back once you have changed.

  pj123 12:16 07 Apr 2005

P.S. 30gb a month, at least to me, is unlimited.

  chippy+ 12:21 07 Apr 2005

hi thanks again to all for advice and help

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