ntl Home 200 Cable modem

  BlueMeanie 22:14 01 Dec 2003

I can not get my sisters PC onto ntl broadband, which has just been installed.

Has anyone out there got the ntl Home 200 cable modem ?

The lit LED's are RDY, SYNC, PWR.

Flashing LED's are D/S and ENet.

The USB is unlit (as I have used the ENet cable) and the U/S LED is also unlit.

Does this match the sequence of lights on your modem ?

I tried my laptop onto the cable modem and this too would not connect onto the internet. It works OK on my ntl broadband at home via their Surfboard modem (the LED's are totally different on this cable modem).

Me thinks a call call to ntl is required. PS the link to ntlhellwortld (google's suggestion) is unavailable for a few weeks.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:04 01 Dec 2003

Which Windows do you have ?
How much system memory is there in pc ?

Disconnect the modem from PC

Do you see the Network adapter listed in Device Manager or any yellow exlamation marks ?

Using the Installation CD and Do not Connect the Modem install the CD and follow it word by word.

At some point you will be asked to connect the modem on a reboot.

  canard 13:17 02 Dec 2003

Modem sounds OK. Try phoning NTL [if she's a phone customer go for the freephone number] because there may have been a snarl up with the number they have allocated your modem.

  SEASHANTY 15:24 02 Dec 2003

Have the same Ambit standalone NTL Home Modem and the leds on mine are set and working exactly the same as yours. If the SYNC and RDY leds are steady and non blinking then it would appear your modem is fully connected to the NTL server.

  SEASHANTY 15:33 02 Dec 2003

Sorry my Modem is the NTL HOME 100 but the led lights are set up and working as described in your posting. Has the registration document been completed on setup? This is the one detailing USER NAME : PASSWORD : EMAIL ADDRESS : ETHERNET ADDRESS OF THE PC CONNECTED TO THIS MODEM (THIS IS THE MAC ADDRESS) : The modem will only recognise the MAC address of the PC that was first connected to it).

  SEASHANTY 15:40 02 Dec 2003

The Broadband NTL installer is also incompatible with AOL software. If this is on the PC it must be uninstalled first. click here

  whatsupdoc 15:51 02 Dec 2003

i had the same problem last month i called them and they were very happy to help out they talked me through the whole thing and were very helpful

  BlueMeanie 19:43 02 Dec 2003

Thanks for the info so far. It does seem that the modem is OK from your info, so I will visit her tomorrow and phone NTL for advice.

  SEASHANTY 20:05 02 Dec 2003

Did NTL not set up the PC installation for her? The NTL engineer called and set up my system and left it fully working when I took the plunge and agreed to the 600k BB service. This was all done free of charge. I wonder why your sister appears to have been left to set up her own connection?

  canard 22:51 04 Dec 2003

Just one more thing- NTL BB connected via USB is known for bad behaviour when other USB apps are installed. I had a lot of trouble and it all ironed out when I uninstalled everything that used USB.

  DAG88 23:00 04 Dec 2003

did you originally use USB?

When i changed my Blueyonder connection from USB to ethernet i also had problems the reason being is that you have to regisiter your MAC address with them when you start using ethernet connections.

I don't if you have to do this with NTL too (both NTL and Blueyonder are cable companies)

To find out your MAC address enter command prompt (if using XP) and type IPconfig/all. the MAC address is called the physical address (both must mean the same)

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