NTL Freedom Broadband - going wireless help

  Hobbess 09:11 25 Mar 2005

I have a single PC in my flat currently connected to broadband through NTL Freedom (not NTL cable) and want to move it away from the phone socket.

As far as I can gather I need to get a modem router to plug into the phone socket and then an adaptor for the PC. Does anyone have any recommendations for products and how much should I expect to spend?

I found the NETGEAR DG834GT with WG111T USB Adaptor for £101.60 on PCWorld, is this a good model?

Also NTL Freedom "dials in" to the broadband connection in that when I switch on the PC I have to run a small program to start the connection, will this still work over wireless?

  FelixTCat 11:49 25 Mar 2005

I presume that your current modem is connected to your pc through a USB connection. These commonly have a "dial-up" connection process, though you don't actually dial anything up.

You can replace your current set-up with an adsl modem route, which would be connected constantly whilst switched on.

You don't say how far from the phone socket you want to move it. If you are going to keep it in the same room and you could run a cable between the two, your best solution is a cable ethernet connection; otherwise, you can use wireless. Cable ethernet is much faster and, in the context of living in a flat, more secure. I would recommend it if possible.

However, these days it is little cheaper to buy a modem router without wireless than one with. However, pcWorld is not the cheapest supplier. Have a look at eBuyer: click here

This will do the same job for about £65 delivered, or with a cable about £5 more.

If you decide to go wireless in a flat, you would be well advised to make your wireless connection secure. Come back for advice on that, if you wish.

  Hobbess 12:18 25 Mar 2005

Thanks for the quick response and the good deal. Yes my modem is connected through USB.

I am wanting to move my computer up to a mezzanine level in the flat and and I don't want to run cables up walls etc. as the lines are all very clean just now and the ceiling height is about 15ft so not practical. Basically wireless seems like the best option.

Reading the reviews it seems like this can be complicated to set-up securely, am I best currently to purchase this get it running and then come back for advice on how to tweak to make it secure?

  FelixTCat 13:36 25 Mar 2005

Yes. Wireless will be the answer. Always set it up and make sure that it is working before you worry about security.

The router will protect you against nasties long enough for you to make sure the network is operating, so disable the firewall on your pc until you are satisfied that you have a working connection. Then enable the firewall - that way you know that, if it stops working, it is the firewall that you have to tweak.

Then start on the wireless security to make sure that, in a crowded environment, nobody can easily intercept your network or access your files. Again, do this one stage at a time and only move on when you're satisfied.

If you want more help, come back to the Network forum and you'll find plenty of people to laugh at your misfortune - sorry, that should read help you to solve the problems.

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