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  pj123 15:59 12 Jul 2004

To anyone who is expecting an email from me. NTL seem to have a nationwide problem with their email service. I have 3 outstanding emails to Forum members that I am not able to answer at the moment. Please bear with me. They will be answered as soon as possible.

  SEASHANTY 16:16 12 Jul 2004

Yep it is down here also (Gtr. Manchester) Been trying to send two for most of the day. Now given up until tomorrow when I am hoping its fixed.

  Pink_Panther2 16:28 12 Jul 2004

I'm also in Gtr. Manchester and have experienced an intermittent service since Friday 9th evening. In fairness I can live with this short term, as this is the first service break to affect me since joining the service in 2002. In an ideal world everthing would work all of the time, but having read many postings from many different forums re ISPs over thee years, NTL have more than satisfied my requirements. Inevitably, any service break is unfortunate, and causes great inconvenience to many, but a balanced view of the overall quality of NTL's service, will remind us all that they are pretty good!

  denchris 17:49 12 Jul 2004

I am on the south coast ( HANTS ) and agree verbatim with comments on NTL, overall a pretty good service .

  VoG II 17:53 12 Jul 2004

blueyonder's problem seems to be fixed. I guess it must be NTL's turn now.

  Valvegrid 18:04 12 Jul 2004

This is of today 12th July 2004 15:51 hrs


Essential database optimisation will result in a loss of ntlworld email to some ntl internet customers for the duration of the work.

Any emails sent to you during this time will be delivered to your account after the work has finished.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience these planned works may cause.

click here


  zebbydog 18:11 12 Jul 2004

The midlands same trouble here

  Wes Tam ;-) 18:20 12 Jul 2004

Valvegrid from your link - "Start time 13 Jul 01:00"; did they start early?

  georgemac 18:28 12 Jul 2004

I sent one email yesterday and the recipient recieved 8 copies, and today I too have noticed emails remaining in my outbox even although they have been sent.

I sent one to my gmail account, it arrived but remained in my outbox to be sent with the next send reciev, so some people may have got a lot of emails from NTL customers!

  Valvegrid 19:07 12 Jul 2004

No, they're clairvoyant :-)

  pj123 14:25 13 Jul 2004

georgemac, seems to be back online now and I have just received the same email from a friend 16 times, beats your 8 hands down.

As NTL appears to fixed this problem I will tick.

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