NTL Dial Up half the speed.

  Wrighty 23:39 03 Sep 2003

Hi there,

I use NTL dial up on my PC and up until 2 weeks ago I have connection speed of around 45 or 46kbps. Suddenly it is now running at 31.5Kbps. Nothing but Windows update mainly for the MS Blast worm but no software added.

Any idea's would be gratefully received.
All connections on Internet tools are still the same.



its ntl themselves.. they are experiencing connection speed problems while they upgrade their server

  TBH1 00:09 04 Sep 2003

Wrighty - -I'm on ntl dial-up and had this problem some weeks ago - - maybe posted on this forum, can't remember. My speed came down to max 33600 - -sometimes as low as 21000. Initially thought it was ntl - - - but same speeds attained via my tiscali dial-up. Emailed bt, enquired about DACS thingies being installed on my line - -they denied it but speed back to normal within a week. DACS a bit above my head but simply put, it is a device that splits your line into two , I think - - -and the max speed you will get is 33600 - - - this speed still well within the specs for bt. Do a search here for DACS - - tell you a bit more than I can.
Good luck.

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