NTL - correct connect ringing!. How do I stop it?

  Nonnyriley 14:56 23 Mar 2003

Hi all, is there any way of stopping the constant ringing brought on by the software "correct connect" which came with my ntl broadband software?

  recap 14:58 23 Mar 2003

Open Corect Connect, select properties and take the tick out of Alert Sound.

  Nonnyriley 15:07 23 Mar 2003

Of, course. I never saw the "preferences" button till now.


  hugh-265156 15:14 23 Mar 2003

use add remove and get rid.or stop it running at start up.can tell you you have problems when there is none.go to start/run type msconfig click startup and untick correctconnect.pc will start faster too.

  Pesala 15:57 23 Mar 2003

I agree with Huggy. Correct Connect is unnecessary, all it does is monitor your connection and let you know when it goes down.

If all you want to do is check that your connection is working, create a new shortcut on your desktop with the following command line:

ping click here

Clicking on the shortcut will instantly tell you if the connection is down. If it is not down, the messages in the DOS box will tell you within a few seconds that you got a reply from the server. This saves you waiting 20 seconds to be told that the server is unavailble if you try to visit a website when your NTL connection is down.

To refresh the connection, I found that the best way is to unplug the modem and plug it back in again. Correct Connect would not even re-establish a connection for me, so what use is it?

When I asked NTL help about this problem, they sent me a classic response:

"I would advise that the problem here either lies with the connectoid, network settings, browser settings, modem settings or system resources
I sugges you get all these settings looked at and more so on the side of the network and system resources settings as these are probably
causing that. Should you require further assistance with this by one of our technicians then do feel free to contact us on 0906 558 7654."

Anybody want to call me for £1 a minute? You can talk to me about anything you want for as long as you like. I don't promise I will be able to help you, but it is good to talk, especially when you are getting £60 an hour (~_~)

  Pesala 15:59 23 Mar 2003

Click Here was meant to be www google.com but it could be any active server.

  hugh-265156 16:13 23 Mar 2003

try this also click here

  Andsome 16:26 23 Mar 2003

I was very reluctant to uninstall correct connect. However I found that my connection had problems probably a couple of time per week, so decided to take the plunge. That was about six weeks ago. What finally decided me, was that I was talking to a helpline technician, and he said,'why don't you do what most of us in the office have done, and uninstall the damned thing'.

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