NTL connection problems

  WaiKent 11:16 21 Oct 2003

i have NTL broadband and for some reason, sometimes (not frequent though) my connection just doesnt work and i cant browse web or anything and then after an hour or so it goes back to normal. I used correct connect to test my connection but it says connection fine then cannot determine IP. why does it do this.

  Pesala 11:45 21 Oct 2003

I found the best way to get reconnected to NTL is to unplug the USB modem, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in again. I removed Correct Connect as about all it does it test your connection to tell you if it is working. A simple ping command can do the same thing much quicker. I have an icon with the properties:

C:\WINDOWS\PING.EXE click here

If the connection is good, it confirms this in a about five seconds. If not, it takes about 30 seconds.

If all else fails, I reboot my PC, which nearly always re-establishes a connection.

  WaiKent 11:49 21 Oct 2003

the thing is i reboot it like a hundred times and no connection until it sorts itself out. lol. although havent tried unplugging modem before. will try that. thanks for help

  keith-236785 11:51 21 Oct 2003

have you checked the server status

go to ntlworld.com, in the purple bar, click help/check server status. it should tell you if there is/was a problem in your area (not much good if you cant get on the internet i know)

Personally i dont use the correct connect software as it was always saying there were problems. i just used the cd to install the usb drivers for the modem.

i would guess your problem is with correct connect but only removing it will tell, choice is yours.

good luck and sorry i cant be of more help

  vienna1981 13:19 21 Oct 2003

yep server status is the best bet the freephone number is 0800 052 4315 i know that ntl have been having browser problems lately. also siwtching your modem off at the mains for a few minutes then switching on again sometimes helps

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