ntl connection

  WaiKent 21:20 07 Nov 2003

Hi i had ntl bb connected USB on my pc downstairs and i have a pc upsatirs which i decided to connect bb on and i installed it using ethernet and it worked fine, but on connecting back to usb on my other pc i couldnt access the internet no more. can someone shed some light on this. btw i did this because my router hasnt arrived yet so dont say nothing about routers please.

  A_World_Maker 21:28 07 Nov 2003

Did you remember to connect the micro filter?

  WaiKent 21:34 07 Nov 2003

whats the micro filter?

  rowdy 21:38 07 Nov 2003

Microfilters are not used with ntl installations


PS I am not sure you can connect an NTL modem on both ethernt and usb at the same time

  madPentium 21:39 07 Nov 2003

Its a device which seperates the telephone from the internet signal. Usually a small white box which plugs into the phone socket.

  WaiKent 21:43 07 Nov 2003

i didnt connect them at the same time. i connected ethernet for a while and then connected it back to usb after which didnt work.

  rowdy 21:49 07 Nov 2003

Power down both computer and modem,After say 30secs power up modem, when lights are steady on modem , power up and boot computer.


  WaiKent 22:05 07 Nov 2003

it was always steady, after i tried reinstalling the usb modem i connected it back to my ethernet pc and it still worked fine. there was an error in installation that i had already registered a DHCP.

  Legolas 22:12 07 Nov 2003

Have you used the NTL connection disk and choose to install using USB if you have and it is still not working try disconnecting the coaxial cable from your cable modem for 15min or so to clear the DHCP and then reconnect

  rowdy 22:21 07 Nov 2003

I think that you will continually have this problem if you swap the broadband modem between computers and USB/Ethernet connections.

I suggest you await the delivery of your router and make sure that both machines have a network card.


  WaiKent 22:39 07 Nov 2003

hm yes they do have network cards. do you think that if i connect the usb pc to ethernet and install using that then the change ovber will be no problem?

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