ntl conflicts with my router?

  Benzo 19:06 29 Sep 2004

i have ntl 750k cable broadband and a netgear 4 port router, it seems odd but every so often if i am downloading things whilst i am out, the internet temporarily stops working, when i get back in i usually have to pull the power from the router and put it back in!!!! i have never heard of this before and it is the router not the modem that i reset which is also odd as ntl says that if the internet connection is lost you should reset the modem, is it a faulty router or would the same happen if i purchased a new router?

Benzo F.

  SEASHANTY 19:49 29 Sep 2004

Also on NTL 750k BB and have three PC's connected to the net via the Linksys BEFSR41 wired router. This is a 4 port with switch router. It is plug and play and has a wizard setup. The MAC address of the
PC originally registered with NTL is cloned into this router. It has worked perfectly over the last 20 months with no problems. It has never disconnected me whilst in use.

  Benzo 23:04 29 Sep 2004

oh, ok so maybe ive got a duff router?

  billyliv 00:11 30 Sep 2004

Hi, I am on ntl cable broadband with the terayon modem connected by ethernet to a D Link broadband 4 port router, and have never experienced the problems you are having. Perhaps someone could lend you a router to test your set up. Cheers, Bill

  SEASHANTY 15:48 30 Sep 2004

It may be a faulty router or it may be the way you have set it up. The Linksys website has a guide for setup of the BEFSR cable router. I should imagine that the Netgear is similar. Check out the illustrated guide for router setup. From this link
click on "BEFSR tech helper" and follow the illustrated guide. You don't need the router to do this. Perhaps it will give an idea of something that
could be wrong
click here

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