NTL Chairman contact details

  Tim1964 23:28 14 Aug 2003

Does anyone have the contact details for an 'organ grinder' and not a monkey at NTL?

Yes, I know NTL are broke and I know my £25 per month isn't helping but really, if I wanted to stare at a blank web page loading for minutes on end I would have stayed on Dial Up.

This is getting beyond a joke now.

Does OFTEL have any say in the fact that their 'high speed' (yeah right) BB is getting slower by the day?

How long do we NTL customers have to put up with this before something is done?

O.K. now the ADSL users can say "We told you so!"

Thanks, i feel better for that .......

  Jester2K II 23:31 14 Aug 2003

Try the Consumer Room...

Not sure if the Chairman will lie awake at night worrying over individual cases... Probably got people to do that for him. Still theres an NTL Bod in the Consumer Room i think! Might help you take up your case...

  Tim1964 23:36 14 Aug 2003

Thanks Jester2K II

Maybe they think the irate customers have magically disappeared with the demise of NTHellworld.

I would have thought that OFTEL would be able to shout at them on behalf of the 'little guy', you know the one that pays their wages.

Time for bed said Zebadee......

  vienna1981 00:24 15 Aug 2003

i've been having similar problems with NTL dial-up...but now i've ordered broadband to be installed next week in the hope of getting rid of these problems...looks like this wont be the case...and if so...i'll also be taking it further as i am scraping by enough money to pay for this internet as it is and feel i shouldnt pay for internet if its full of problems

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