NTL causing problem with getting paid !!

  freaky 19:54 04 Mar 2005

I get paid by going to my employers Website. I then click on Finance, it then shows how much they owe me. I then click on a box to request payment. Another box will open confirming payment by BAC to my bank account.

I did this earlier this week and after 'requesting payment' the little box at the foot of the page slowly filled with blue, then stopped ! I tried this three times using three different computers all using NTL, and each time the problem repeated itself.

I contacted my Employers, and they said that the problem was only occurring with employees using NTL as their ISP; other employees using other ISP's were not affected.

They could not suggest a solution because the problem was attributed to the ISP.

Anybody got any suggestions please ?

  stalion 19:56 04 Mar 2005

ntl were recently featured on tv and their service was appalling.

  bof:) 20:21 04 Mar 2005

Hi freaky, have you contacted NTL if so what did they say?


  TomJerry 20:31 04 Mar 2005

if your empoyer run VPN (virtual provate network), you can install a piece of software, then all net connection will be tunnelled though NTL and then NTL cannot cause any trouble

  freaky 20:41 04 Mar 2005

Hi bof:) No, have not contacted NTL, only heard today from employer that the problem was confined to NTL users.

Before I had this confirmation, I tried disabling the AV and Firewall to see if that was the cause, but no affect.

I know NTL are busy upgrading their systems for Broadband which two of my computers use. The 3rd one is on NTL Dial-up, but this also failed to get my money. My employer did the money transfer manually so I got paid OK, but I would still like to know why the problem has started to occur this week, it worked OK before that.

  freaky 20:51 04 Mar 2005

Hi TomJerry, that sounds very technical, but I don't understand exactly what you mean.

I am already 'tunnelled through NTL' so how would a piece of software help?

  SEASHANTY 20:54 04 Mar 2005

Is this due to the browser you are using? Here also on NTL broadband and I cannot connect to online energy supplier account (Scottish Power) using I.E.6 browser. I have no trouble in connecting using Mozilla or Firefox. In contrast I cannot use my online bank account using Mozilla it just will not work - have to use IE6 for that. It has something to do with the secure software the two websites use but I can't be bothered trying to find out the reason. I just use separate browsers for each account.

  TomJerry 20:54 04 Mar 2005

if you use VPN (provide your employer has it). NTL will not able to see any net activity although you use their bandwidth, if you use it, it is just like you use a networked PC at your employer's local private network

  freaky 21:28 04 Mar 2005

I think I am getting your drift. What you are saying is that if my Employer uses VPN, then I can use this piece of software you mention when I connect to them. If I install this software, then would it impair me connecting to other internet sites?

  SEASHANTY 22:53 04 Mar 2005

A good website for info on VPN is Draytek
click here

  TomJerry 01:05 05 Mar 2005

but, you do not have to use it. When you run vpn software, you use it, otherwise you just use normal connetcion

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